life in bunker home hidden under embankment

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Pibo – house, reminiscent of an underground shelter.
In one of the towns was BelgiumThe original house. Outside it looks like the entrance to the underground shelter. On the other hand, customers want the inner living space to be the most hidden from the curious eyes of bypassers.

Oyo Architects Architects Agency Project.
Oyo Architects Architects company completed work over the monolithic house, located in the Belgian village of Maldegem (Maldegem). Customers wanted their future residence as possible in accordance with the term "my house – my castle", as well as visually not too much of the natural landscape. in their own designers met these wishes and designed a house called Pibo. Outside the house it reminds of a landslope. This effect improves foliage that covers the sloping ceiling.

Pibo. Interior.
Natural light penetrates the house enormously and some Scarlet windows. To the interior did not appear dark, designers met walls in bright colors. Only natural materials used for decoration.

Pibo. Living room.
Pibo looks impressive, despite the fact that he built an artificial hill. And in the French town of Bois d'Amont is the original residence, which is almost completely integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Pibo. The natural materials are used in the house.
Pibo The house consists of two floors. On the ground level there is a living room and kitchen, and under the ground there is a bedroom and bathroom. Final ceilings do not bother the owners thrive in their protection.