luxurious mansion garay comfortable environment with views golden gate bridge

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Garay Residence by Swatt/Miers Architects, an amazing home above San Francisco bay, representing contemporary architecture in Tiburon, California.

Luxury Manor Garay: Comfortable overlooking Golden Gate Bridge
Stunning views of San Francisco Bay and the BronGolden Gate open directly from the bedroom luxury villa Garay, located on a hilltop. He always draws attention not only because of strategic location, but also his unique design and the amazing atmosphere.

Central courtyard


Glass walls open up the world

living room

In the 70's of the last century it was built as unusually modest and distinguished house. Recently, the architect office Swatt Miers Architects has completed its reconstruction, which increases the area 185 square meters and turns it into a modern dream house.

Of course, the site affects the strong perception of the house. San Francisco considers the Golden Gate Bridge, wide water, but in any case, and the house itself deserves no less attention. It is beautiful in itself.

Open plan


Vhodt house

swimming pool


night lighting

Private rooms and shared areas connected through the inner gardens and farms. There is also a pool, meditation area. From the roof terrace you can see the beautiful view, silently hiding in the shadows. Not life and eternal holiday. And you can approach the ocean more, have moved into a fantastic houseboat, which made an older couple.