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Today, it becomes an interesting and, in the first instance complex matter – unusual accents in the interior. Why difficult? Firstly, we will focus on a rather bold decision and not everyone is ready for such action. Secondly, the original and unusual accents can easily destroy the appearance of the premises. In this article, we show you how and where to apply appropriate accents and share some original ideas that help diversify your interior.

Bright contrasting lists

It is the most simple and accessible method of making Contrast in the interior. The main rule – it is necessary to color lists like many large objects in the room. This can be a sofa or chair color door or textile accents.

In the picture below you can see how beautiful appearance windows, lists and doorways in one color. Due to the fact that the entire room is maintained in pastel colors, no cut contrast between the color of the walls and trim.

More bold decision – is the use of light contrasting colors that will make the room really happy. Note that part of the pillow, in the example below, the bright red color and therefore all parts of the interior are connected to each other.

"Bright accents are particularly good in the restrained Scandinavian interiors"

A new look at the classics

Very brave, but in the end winning draw iljus pastel decor set light emerald box classic shape that makes a monotonous interior bright and not boring. And all you had to do – is to add some color.

Continues the theme, as bright colors celebrate someone, even the most boring conservative interior. In the picture below you can see that door and window openings, as well as roof tiles, fit into the interior and fulfill their primary function – manufactured accents and marked boundaries for walls, ceilings and windows.

Here is an example of what may be accented, but rather quiet, pastel and subtle. From what we can derive a more rule – every case is different and there are no general rules for each room. Just remember that the different color combinations are incredibly high.

The classic interior without large volume lists unthinkable. Therefore, in this example we see a very standard that they use. As the picture before, with windows, a fireplace, exposed beams – the room had a wonderful frame.

colored doorways

This method is also simple and stylish, ash-colored lists. Because of this, you can easily live up any room. The advantage of this approach is the fact that it is not necessary to install new doors and door frames, it will be enough just to paint them in the desired color.

The owners in the room in this picture very successful picked contrasting walls: casting in the inner room and doorway casting, but the next wall to form an original perspective.

Beautiful and elegant combination – dairy and wall dark blue doorways. Notice how the traditional "sea colors" were nice and warm, and we are not associated with the ocean, and get a new reading of the classics. This contributes to the warm tone of all colors. Warm walls and subtle warm accents in blue finish create an extra atmosphere of comfort of minimalist design.

unusual windows

In recent years, it has become very modernized frames in bright colors, especially in color, which coincides with the view outside the window. As in this photo – light green frame, and you can see the park through layers, because the windows mate with the surrounding space and are a continuation of that type of window.

For them ktolyubit break stereotypes-light pink and purple box on a clear and distinctive building. This house with black or brown windows would look quite gloomy and uninteresting, so this is an example of how everything just because of the color of the windows throughout the building has changed radically.

Same principle – mild and dairy-green windows overlooking the garden. In this case, the focus is on the design of the kitchen, drawing attention to it, but at the same time, turning the look at the garden – out the window.

Bright windows fit perfectly into the eclectic interior. Once in the room, and so much bright, rich colors of windows only reinforces the additional kind of "song." In this bedroom is another interesting technique used in addition to the bright windows – contrasting ceiling casting-bar. To describe the small faces of the high winds roof, the designer decided to add a light wood casting juicy green.

A live illustration of the principle of "tandem" – orange and orange chairs is perfectly combined, despite the quiet minimalist background of the walls and kitchen furniture. Just a few accents made the kitchen look quite different: light, colorful, cozy and sunlit.

Non-standard shapes or sizes of windows

If you choose to experiment with the shape of the windows, it is necessary to hand in advance at the time of repair of an apartment or build a house. Windows triangular or trapezoidal form does not exactly meet the neighbors! With Windows, you can adjust the amount of light in the house, but can also add unusual accents that will not leave anyone untouched.

The high ceilings provide a wide range of possibilities, in the example below, the architect decided to publish a series of narrow skylights similar to light brunns in ancient temples – and we have a nice break reception.

Window at an angle in the house – a rather complicated technical solution, but it has the advantage of: unusual, beautiful day – a very bright, and at night – a beautiful starry sky.

When you open a window for a great view, a pity not to make a big angle or panoramic window.

Here's what we had in mind when talking about a complex layout. To add a light in a dark hall, I had to put a small window that works like a "light well".

Contrast casting, floor tiles, as well as unusual shapes lantern windows create a beautiful and elegant interior, all together look expensive and tasteful.

accent stove

Accent wall with a fireplace – nothing new at first glance, but if you think about it, and it may be interesting and losing possession. Our pictures are not just laid a stone fireplace, and all the wall to the ceiling.

High-bay lights

With this method of lighting the entire kitchen candle light. Ceiling lights in the wardrobes, cupboards in the niche – create an unusually warm and pleasant atmosphere. A large amount of light at different places accent emphasizes the winning side of the design and, of course, completely fulfilling its direct function – lights in the kitchen.

In summary, we want to say again the importance of accents in the interior. With their help you easily achieve the desired effect – to emphasize strengths and conceal weaknesses in that part. Accents help properly place the focus on the relevant points in the room, and they can be used to decorate anyone, even the most common interior.