own designer country house vintage style full old and weird things

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Own Designer: Country house in vintage style, filled with old and rare things
When Amanda Kreyms drove down the street and only I fell in love with the old and beautiful house overlooking the green mountains of Vermont. She walked around him and called the owner, like the purchase agreement. Before settling in a house dating back to 1849, Amanda has done repairs and filled the interior of its collection of old and vintage bought on flea markets, of course, giving them some of the modern features.

Living room in vintage style

Vintage little things from different places

Residents: Kreymia Amanda and her sonPlats: Saratoga, NY Size: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroomsThe living room, located at the front of the house, overlooks a large window of beautiful countryside – farm and green mountains in Vermont. TV in the living room is located on the old blue pedestal, which Kreyms is bought on one of the sales. She broke her legs on an old school bench and placed it in a cable box. On the walls of the living room you can see the old-fashioned paintings that put Amanda in the frame. Opposite the TV on the wall is a clear blue donkey, as she pulled out an old barn. This is his original color, Amanda cleans it gently from dirt and stains, and now he is stung in the living room interior. Inside the host is the so-called "Blue" collection, including flower boxes, pots, cups and plates, most of which are in their furnishings have blue elements.

Next to the sofa is a blue box of ice cream bought for sale, and a large gilded mirror. Bucket of whip oil migrated into the house of a local farm hide and pink bottom of the lamp, which serves as a tray, and a toy trumpet appeared in the house because of the flea market. Vases of glass mosaic came from the Italian city of Ercole, went a beautiful orchid from a local florist.

home office

Living room in vintage style

vintage locker

This cabinet has gotten from his mother Amanda, now it's holding a collection of copper and vintage watches.

rest area

The vintage style dining room

When Amanda decided to move into this house, it is not. I have changed the layout room, but made some changes. She laid the groundwork for the kitchen, as it was on the ground itself, it also added several windows, put the air conditioning system, has a little converted the corridor, cut and rootless some trees on the farm.

The view from the dining room in the kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are combined. The kitchen is an old stove that still warms the room. Around antique large dining table with chairs, where you can see the beautiful cover with a bright floral pattern.

This built-in cupboard in the welsh style that Amanda went with the house, holds some parts of his many collections.

Based Shkafchikv Welsh style

A little chandelier above the sink, LisaNardon made the company Rosie NYC. It is a well-known designer who creates his own hand jewelery for interior. From the window in the kitchen offers beautiful views. In the courtyard you can see the old carousel yarmorochnuyu of Coney Island, and on each side of the patio is a garden. Here Amanda holds a picnic at the table, sitting in a big chair, painted in bronze paint a greenish shade. Other tables and chairs painted in purple and white. At the farm of Amanda enjoy relaxing, enjoy nature and home.


The kitchen area has a hob and the surface is decorated with tiles that can withstand high temperatures, and Amanda can put it directly on the hotplate.

Next to the kitchen there is a porch – one of the defavoritious places of hostess. Here she loves to eat at any time of the year except winter. Everything on a porch, including furniture and color schemes, needs to sit down and drink a cup of tea, looking out the window. On a wall painting, Jennifer Lunn found his place, and on the window – the fabric of the bag there to store grain curtain.

black input

Basically, Amanda uses the side entrance to the house because it is conveniently located next to a kitchen and dining area. She loves this bright hall with large windows, wooden bench, which went to sale, sign "HAPPY" a flea market and a carpet from StoreHomeGoods. Next to the hall is a cupboard where Amanda is wearing shoes, hats and gloves. When he was in the chicken farm, food stores for the birds. Amanda led him to order and paint.

toilet on the ground floor

The toilet on the ground floor of a granite dressing table, received from his mother, is painted sink from Kohler painted around the edges. Above the compact on the wall is a shelf with an old tree. The Amanda holds rare gadgets, including a picture of "Lady on a Horse" (a time of Queen Victoria), gilded frame, the earliest creations happen Jennifer Lunn, antique mint mirror and some glasses of wine.