platform bed 20 cool examples that are great save space

Never thought of having a platform bed? Here's
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Put the pallet in the interior

Is there an ideal bed for a light oven? What should I do if odnushke very little space, and the need to receive not only the bed, but also full of storage systems? It's a universal furniture that's done with all these features, and to save valuable good area.

Bed on a platform

Bed on a small podium functional

Large roll-out drawer for storage

Many department stores

The functional and comfortable

Rational solution for small interior
The bed is good on the catwalk? At first glance, such a construction seems difficult and inconvenient, but it's just an illusion. In fact, thanks to this design in a corner of the room, can be placed immediately berth, office and changing room. Podium takes up almost as much space as a standard-sized bed. But the dimensions are chosen individually, because the pallet is created to order.

An elegant solution for very small bedrooms
Skeptics say the process of making pallet long, labor intensive and is not cheap. But if we compare it with the purchase of high quality furniture (cupboard, chest of drawers, table, bed), and think of their placement in the interior, it becomes clear that the pallet will be cheaper, yet saving space.

Bed podium makes a spacious bedroom

Perfect for studio

Bed with storage compartment

Bed on the podium in odnushke

Very functional bed

Beautiful and bright rooms

Bed matryoshka

A good solution for the nursery, where a number of children who live
Of course, the bed stool is simply irreplaceable in small bedrooms or rooms with non-standard layout. Such premises are immediately released and become visually more spacious.

Podium in the nursery
Also the nice compact catwalk looks like the inside of a child's room, especially when several children live. Such a design can serve as a bunk system or bedside table.

Bed table, wardrobe
Many of the small apartments are also interested in the question – how to do the bedroom more without rebuilding? We found five effective design techniques that help understand this.