programs for planning and interior design

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With imagination and a desire to create, to anyone who wants to change the atmosphere of your house and see how the interior can look like in a virtual performance, benefit from online applications, now free and accessible to everyone.

Note that these services do not require specialist knowledge and long-term education and training, such as sophisticated professional programs for designers and architects. Today you have a great opportunity to feel like one of these specialists.

In the text below, we offer to familiarize yourself with the most popular and available online applications for simulation and design of interiors.


An online service that allows you to quickly create a plan in the room or apartment, and make them a permutation. You can immediately look at illustrative examples would look like one or another project.

To get started with the service you need to go to his official page, and then press "Start Roomle". Then review the registration and confirm it in the link, which came via email.

A significant advantage of the service is that, being English speaking, it is quite easy to use, and difficulties with the translation you should encounter. A large number of "icons" orientate in the process of creating a plan, but it would be better before the practice on templates.

An interesting detail: in 3D mode, the image shows the man who can be moved to a virtual apartment, which is very convenient.


You can draw and edit the wall space is easy to enter the thickness, length and width of the wall set as you want doors and windows to place a variety of furniture and furnishings are selected for its color and material

The disadvantage of the service can be called the low quality of visualization 3d, which is quite a nice bonus.

planner 5d

Free web-based application, whose purpose – to design space and design in 2d and 3d format.

Translate text you do not need, because originally a Russian service. He was only a couple of years, but every day to receive awards users, the program has received a good reputation.

Additionally, the creators of the upgrade service, add something new and useful to your projects. Right now you have the ability to build the walls from the ground and fill the room to fit, as well as edit the finished work, choosing them from an existing gallery.

Bathroom Tyler

A very useful resource that will surely benefit everyday, to easily implement your ideas about the organization of the interior.

Resource Interface is very intuitive, so will be able to use the program even self-taught, and the 3D image is very realistic.

It allows Roomstyler:

Building the wall, indicating their thickness, length and Set the width of doors and windows by choosing from a large number in this catalog applies to a structure, arranged furniture and accessories. Select and use color recieve 3D visualization

To be able to work in Roomstyler, enough to register via Facebook, and then refer to video tutorials to understand where to start.

«Roomstyler – is a kind of social network that allows you to communicate with like-minded, meet friends and interesting works by other designers.

Home Tyler

Another online service that, moreover, resembles the previously mentioned Roomstyler. The program was created by well-known developer Autodesk, publisher of the notorious software 3dsMax, AutoCAD, Maya.

Before you start planning with this resource, familiarize yourself with the work of other users and professional designers.

With Homestyler you can easily:

Create a plan solution for the project (or download wallpaper) Create size, shape rooms, add windows and doors Apply materials and colors Select and place furniture and other items in the rooms and decorate

Sweet Home 3D

Free access computer program that can simulate and visualize spaces for different purposes from living rooms to public institutions.

If you face the need to repair the home, but want to visualize the interior of the future, please take advantage of this wonderful application. Among its advantages, it is impossible to avoid the large number of languages ​​available for translation of the interface, some of them are Russian.

The program is not difficult, in fact the main window shows several areas: the current project as a plan, 3D visualization, the rest contains all elements for interior design. In the settings you can adjust important parameters (navigation, measurement fence, a ruler).

Sweet Home can you:

Simulate premises for different purposes and sizes are constructed walls and change their settings until the regime plans to use a number of special functions, such as fixation, compass, size, etc. In 3D mode, there are several types: a view from above, a virtual point of viewer perspective You can set three-dimensional mode, that is, choose the color and texture of the sky, the earth, lighting, the transparency of the walls of 3D mode, it is possible to make a photo and video shoot.


This is a program for designing plans for the future building flooring is free and allows you to build walls, windows and doors of space by not complex manipulations with computer mouse.

To start, you must change the metric measurement system usually with the option at the bottom of the screen. Then you can:

Build house plans with furniture, sanitary ware, electronics, and even plants around swap items and look in 3D mode, result away doors or windows, walls, specify their size, etc. Save or print the project, which has a free registration to the site developer

The disadvantages of this program we want to call:

The possibility that, with regard to just one floor but interam design, you can not specify the exact measure of transfer of work in a constructive drawing the next floor must be recreated, and copy it until the previous interface is in English, you can only create the general systematics in the house, and for frame building drawings will need to use other programs