real african houses in the middle urban jungle

house no 12 magnol

"African" house on the banks of the River Thames.
When talking about "urban jungle", we mean I hope to get all kinds of buildings where you can get lost. But the architect London designed this concept in his own way and created a house with a restaurant in the trees in a typical African style. Now everyone can experience the atmosphere of this jungle, visit the colorful building.

The houses designed dizaynerom.Hubert Zandberg.
Zandberg designer Hubert (Hubert Zandberg) on ​​behalf of Virgin Holidays has developed the project and completed the construction of a luxury house (or rather two) on the African-style trees on the south bank of the Thames in central London. The two buildings are located at an altitude of 10 meters. They are made of natural materials and decorative elements, inspired by African culture, just add color treehouse.

African themed restaurant.
In each of them there is a mini-restaurant and two bedrooms. The restaurant is open from 11:00 to 18:00. Visitors can enjoy there are 6 types of exotic dishes, including fillet smoked goat worms in the batter, herring meat.

Terrace "African" house overlooking London.

African huts in the middle of the urban "jungle" of London.
The buildings on the trees are somewhat primitive. Many in the subconscious want to visit at least once in such homes. 19 amazing treehouse from around the world shows that people do not just move on to the tour, but live permanently in them.

Colorful bedroom in the treehouse.
To spend the night in the houses, you must pre-book a place, t. Till. Who wants to experience new sensations, already widespread.