roast barbecue perfect place for picnic at home

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Fry kebab: the perfect place for a picnic at home
Summer – a wonderful time when you want to sit outside, eat scented fried meat on charcoal, to chat with friends. It is not necessary to go somewhere in the woods, if the house has a garden or even a small patio. It can be equipped with a great playground for a picnic with a barbecue.


Multifunctional kitchen outdoors

Grill can perform a lot of features, but do not take too much space, but be sure to give the presence of the shell, where you can wash your dishes or vegetables.

For large fans of outdoor dining, unforgettable food can be advised not just grilled, and a large multifunctional kitchen with the opportunity to cook a pizza in the oven, cold beer in a bucket of ice and sit by the fire.

The more features, the longer the outdoors

Lighting should be bright

simple hide

Picnic on the porch

If lighting is needed in the evening, the day may need shade. Also fit small shelters that can give a recreation area originality and uniqueness.

Shish kebab on a summer kitchen

Luxurious seating area with barbecue

The recreation area can be so chic, do not even suspect everything is happening on the terrace.

Picnic Area

Is it only the original wooden table for metal grilling to remind you that there is a picnic in the fresh air.

Without a long while cooking, eating meat is not the case and the place should be comfortable. The best option – it's furniture with soft pillows.

padded furniture

It would be desirable to move everything to the street, it will not work. We have to drive a lot of the house and the house is on one, then another. You can consider the possibility of simplifying the process. If life is happening in the concrete jungle, and do not have time to get into nature then you have to have a comfortable seating area on the balcony, where you can set up a small portable grill.

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