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Rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that's hard to resist. They feel honest and unstudied and evoke a simpler time.

Rustic style in the interior – one of alternative country-style, rustic style. With fraztsuskogo rustique language words can be translated as "simple" or "rough". Rustic style can be regarded as the European equivalent of the American Country or French Provence. Of course, it has its own characteristics.

The main difference between style – application for finishing coarse natural materials, sometimes raw, processed or deliberately simple, nonchalant.

Rustic simplicity – The identification mark on the interior made in Roustika. But at the same time "neotesannost" brutality and finishing balanced elegance decorative elements. In general, the balance between these two components: the rough simplicity and elegance of a European-style base rustic interior.

About a simple "city" made-up furniture in the apartment, the decorative elements can be very soft, elegant, for example borrowed from shabby-chic style – porcelain with graceful painting or living flowering plants.

The restrained, neutral wall decoration and concise furniture make it possible to complete the internal ceiling beams, coarse bed bedspread, use a wood or ceramic as a decoration.

In addition, signs of use and defective tubes from it – cracks and irregularities, scratches, chips – do not hide, but rather pride. From wood used mostly oak, book, pine and cherry.

Rustic style in the interior is very democratic, but imposes certain restrictions on the choice of materials and finishes.