small bedroom 7 cool ideas that break stereotypes about small spaces

This opinion is very popular because people think that this gives them more free space. Well, yes, if the room is small and there are no other options.

Cool ideas for small bedrooms

How to get the most out of a small space? How to make a bedroom is not only functional, but also beautiful? We have gathered the most creative and innovative thinking that will help to look at the small space from a new angle.

Bleached intervals in the interior of the bedroom looked very fresh
A small bedroom should not be boring. To make a small space better to choose two primary colors. For example, in that tinge, pink and white are used, and supplemented with bright splashes of red and green. It was very refreshing not outside the box. The storage system here is simple: • Bed is installed on the pallet, which serves as a cupboard; • Bed table is a part-desk; • Open shelves in two rows decorate one of the walls, hold the entire library and work visually on the expansion of space.

Finish erases the boundaries between walls and ceilings
This bedroom is located in Stockholm. In addition to the small size it has another disadvantage – low sloping ceilings. To visually hide it and remove the visible boundary between ceilings and walls, it was decided to PROTECT the surface of the wooden panel. At the tip of the bed there is also a compartment for storing things.

Wardrobe window completely invisible
Natural light blue colors and mirror – the best friends in a small space. The most important thing they cleverly combine in a room, as it was done in a small London spoon. The ceiling was decorated in a sky blue shade, and the mirror housing is placed next to the window, making visual break space and allowing the highest natural light in the room.

Linen bag fabric and fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom
In the bedroom, it is important to create the most comfortable situation. Textiles, decoration, decoration should be pleasant to take, just to give positive feelings to its owner. So says the designer Kate Earle (Kate Earle), who is engaged in the design of a small cabin in the French Alps. She stayed in olive pastel shadow walls, pastel linen chosen for linen cloth, instead of cabinets and shelves used. The cloth of sackcloth hide from the wardrobe and the eye is a decorative element of humble and simple interior.

Sunny interior small bedroom
It argued that warm colors are capable of visually smaller, but in fact the most important thing when working with them – to observe color balance. This sunny bedroom is located in London. Its design involved the designer Maria Speake (Maria Speake). She stayed at a yellow color scheme, which is a very small space revived. harmony Here mixed elements of gray, green and turquoise, which made the inner harmonic and not overloaded. Dynamic and accent became an abstract pattern on the side cover.

Bedroom Moroccan style with accent wall
A small bedroom can fall in love with first-rate. It can be beautiful, comfortable and very functional. To see this, take a look at the decor as really worth seeing.