space optimization house extended up

Optimization of Space: The House,

Gandare House – house, "extended" upwards.
It's no secret that Japan is one of the most densely populated countries, so every single piece of land marks weight in gold. Architects, designing projects of houses, adapts to the proposed conditions and still trying to create a comfortable home. It is this building located in Osaka Prefecture. 3-storey houses are literally "squeezed" between other homes and "stretched" up.

Gandare House. Chief Architect Ninkipen!
Japanese architect Ninkipen! completed the work at the house Gandare House in Osaka Prefecture. The house, as opposed to its neighbors, three floors, t. Till. The building is very narrow plot. Just because of this, the architect managed to place in all the spaces needed comfortable living hosts.

Gandare House. Living room.

Gandare House. Dining room.
On the ground floor there is a garage, lobby and closet. The second floor has a living room with dining area and upstairs a bedroom. The total area of ​​the house is 88 square meters.

Gandare House. Interior.
Link to the entire Japanese miniature is not due to psychological factors and households. Another original slim happiness drop house has an area of ​​just 60 square meters. meters and as many as three floors.

Gandare House. Kitchen.

Gandare House. Steel plate, forming visor.
Simple facade lined with sheet, rounded to the bottom and forming a ceiling. The windows are located in the cross section, in accordance with the requirements of local fire authorities.