striped flight 20 stylish and trendy ways decorate kitchen

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Random flight: 20 elegant and modern way to decorate the kitchen
Striped patterns are not as simple as it seems to be the first sight. He is competent to come to the inner color, mood and style. When used properly, they can become a real artwork and create a spectacular and luxurious interior. Not surprisingly, they are back in fashion. We offer 20 stylish and simple ways to make the kitchen an elegant, modern and modern.

discreet band in the interior

The kitchen of Think Contemporary

Kitchen interior of Brunelleschi Construction

The Kitchen in Lawson Carpentry & Carpentry

Especially how the tires are in modern houses, dominated by a neutral background and simple interior. Multicolored stripes will bright colors, atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity. During the 90's they were rejected in favor of monotonous beige and cream colors. Now experiencing a rebirth. They are considered an integral attribute of retro, vintage and art deco style.

In some way, the striped accent walls could be found in the bedroom or living room more often than in the kitchen. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that all kitchen utensils, all shelves and cabinets distract from beauty and unique in the accent wall. But if the kitchen is decorated mainly in white, and furniture and other elements are solved in a neutral background, the strips are a great way to add color and color, creating with their help the compositional center. The neutral and minimalist decor, the stronger impressions produced strips.

The kitchen of the estate Architects

The kitchen of Karen Soojian

Interior food from Tommy Chambers Interiors

striped chairs

Striped blinds in the interior of Mascheroni Construction

The kitchen in Grosvenor Crescent

The kitchen of Eberlein Design Consultants

The Kitchen of Boxe Designs

The country-style kitchen with striped walls

Randy accent wall will be the best choice modern style, but the fans farm, vintage, traditional and retro styles can use another method. You can limit half-painted walls, which will help create a balance between playfulness and tightening. Colors can be chosen matte and not much light. You can pick up strips of the same color scale. Alternative myriad.

The kitchen in Gaspar s Construction

Kitchen in California Home + Design

Kitchen apron with fishbowl pattern

Perhaps zigzag does not really make the pass definition of "the strip", but it will help to bring in a variety of interior design. Wonderful kitchen apron looks a fishbowl pattern that deliberately put in the top ten most popular patterns for interior decoration ..