stunning talavera tiles for kitchen apron svomi hands

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DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover. AMAZING transformation! Love the reclaimed wood open shelving, subway tile, black granite counters, wood ceiling.

Stunning Talavera tile for kitchen apron svomi hands
It's no secret to the repair – not a cheap enjoyment, therefore, some savings are welcome. As for the kitchen, then in most cases can not do without a ceramic tile. More often than not, it is lined, so-called, kitchen apron, ie. panel behind the stove or sink. We offer an original solution that will turn the kitchen into irrecognition.

Talavera tile for kitchen apron

choice of material

Modern building supermarkets It features a wide range of tiles. One of the most popular – a Spanish manufacturer of Talavera tiles, characterized unique design. You can try to do it with your hands, or rather create their simulation. This choice will not only save money, but also to avoid uneven plaster walls.

We need: • stencil patterns, • glue spray with a temporary effect, • stitched walls, • a large spatula and filler capacity, • masking tape for painting, • woodwork and carpentry angle, tape measure and pen • sandpaper, • color for the walls to create the background (preferably matte) • color for screen graphics (preferably thick) can be combined latex paint latex • brush, roll, foam pieces, • polyacrylate or other transparent paint and brush.

Fixing tape. Create simulation switch logs

application kitt

To remove the tape

Apply a layer of paint

While the patch is not frozen, remove the tape, because then it will be difficult to do. Let dry and smooth irregularities in sandpaper. Apply a layer of paint on the walls to create a background.

put figure

Application of the clear coat

Cover the entire surface of polyacrylic or non-transparent lacquer. He will perform a protective function and give our tiles shiny shine. The varnish is applied in several layers, giving each of them a drought before the next. In addition, should be applied in the same direction. Move away from the wall a few steps and evaluate the result. From this not a tile tell me!