the characteristics stone basalt wool

Warming with basalt wool: material characteristics, installation
Warming with basalt wool: material characteristics, installation features

Basalt (stone) wool – modern insulation material in the production of natural ingredients used. In this sense, it is close to such materials as glass, slag and combines them in a group – mineral insulation material.

Home of the main characteristics of rock wool -dess ability to maintain heat, and this indicator is very close to the standard: solid air gap. This is achieved by the fact that the material has a highly developed fibrous structure in which a lot of air is kept stationary. Fiber material is very thin, about the amount per unit of volume that is larger than the other materials, respectively, and they can hold large amounts of air.

Insulation stone wool is obtained from the soft hard rock, such as basalt and gabbro. In the production of the rock is melted and the melt then passes through filters to fiber formation.

This applies when installing insulation of walls, floors, walls, roofs of different types, pipes, as well as in industry for protection against the cold production units.