the design dictated by nature 17 ideas use tree stumps driftwood boards and branches in interior

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20 Diy Driftwood Projects Make Amazing Creative Decorative Pieces

Furniture and ornaments of wood.
Today, all popular furnishings and furniture are created from recycled materials. Hard to believe, but also nature is a "secondary" material. Why hack more trees, if wonderful things are done from the old hooks, stumps and similar objects.

Bench bench made of barbed wood.
Furniture of genuine untreated wood is now on top of popularity. The original bench of unpainted wood will complement the unusual interior.

Wall decorated Play.
One of the walls of the bathroom, decorated with wood spili.

The table from the stump.

Big table of a big polished stump. This original furniture can be found in the forest belt or on its own plot.

Handcrafted handcraft.
Unique flower pot from a tree with a magnificent natural pattern characteristic of wood.

Hours cut down a tree.

Great cut a tree from the clock – an original and useful thing you can do with your hands.

Wooden shelves.
Due to its flat round shape, large sawpieces are perfect for creating shelves. For this purpose they should be divided into two halves and mounted on a wall.

Charming wooden bench in a rustic style – what you need for comfort in the corridor.

The original interior bookshelves.
Why chase expensive design furniture, if something can be borrowed from nature. For example, a massive tree trunk can be a wonderful decoration of the shelves.

Washbasin countertops.
Who would have thought that a piece of wood, lacquer can be transformed into the original countertop under the sink, which will be a real highlight in the bathroom.

Polennitsa in the interior.
Narrow bundle of floor to ceiling windows – an elegant piece of bathroom in a minimalist style.

Bed table, decorated Play.
Offsuit cutting a tree can be used for customizing space in the headboard.

Outdoor clothes hanger.
Open cabinets quickly increase in popularity. Wooden hanger in rustic style is perfect for storing clothes and becoming a nice touch.

Organizer of wood.
Nice and practical organizer in the hall, which can be put together from wooden planks.

Pallets from driftwood.
Hooks of interesting shapes can be used to create unusual furniture. For example, combining wooden elements with soft textile fittings allow you to get the original feces.