the design villa barcelona

newly built villa between barcelona and sitges for
modern barcelona villa

The house is located in Spain on top of a cliff, breathtaking sea view in the town of Almuñécar. Pure White (Snow White) – is the name of this design project, where the white color of course played an important role.

Design villas pure white.

The house is divided into five zones. In the service area there are five people, decoration and furniture are designed in white. The children's area contains a children's room and a games room, this is the only part of the house, decorated in different colors. From the dining room and the living room has a beautiful view of the sea. The same thing happens in the kitchen. In the upper part of the house is a bedroom. The whole room is decorated in white with the exception of the black carpet that crosses the room. Finally, the area of ​​the guest on the ground floor, next to the pool, is coated with the same material, to be integrated into a single space.

Design villas pure white. Living room.

Design villas pure white. Bedroom.