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Gold from ancient times to the present still symbol of success, a measure of wealth, the standard of luxury. Bathroom in gold color can be decorated in a classic style, art deco, or even in a modern style – at least get a luxurious and memorable interior. Fine "golden" parts and accessories add elegance and status to the room.

Gold is associated with power, fame, recognition, wisdom, so keep in the golden bathroom is very nice and comfortable for the psyche of any person. Gold Glitter is similar to the sunshine because this metal and its color are associated with heat, with energy and power.

Bathroom design in gold color has its own rules, which should follow to get a balanced interior, without unnecessary frills, and at the same time truly spectacular.

Bath yourself can be gold, but this color it will see an advantage only in the big room. If the bathroom is standard, it is best to choose a white bath and complete its "golden" mixer.

The easiest way to design a bath in gold color – use tile surface "under the gold". It is possible to put one of the walls, or to use as a limit. Very impressive appearance of the band "gold" tiles on a bright background, as well as mosaic "gold" tiles. From it you can add jewelry, decorate the "wet" area or a zone near the sink.

In addition, gilded mirror frames, "gold-plated" mixers, brush holders, glass, furniture and door handles are used.