the interior living room

Checkpoint the living room – it's not just a living room bathroom, and the most loaded part of the apartment. When arranging the common room in a small apartment, you can send it as a space arranged around every center of gravity – a sofa, TV, dining table and so on.

To make the common room and interesting, try to isolate the Divan area. The living room is recommended for comfort, comfort and a positive impression divided into functional areas: sitting area, dining area with a bar and a storage room for a beautiful porcelain, an area with a bookcase. For example, the living room can be divided into the wall rack any height in two separate but mutual areas: a sitting area and a dining area, living room and dining room, nursery and bedroom.

The jointly operated low-rise apartment floor can be arranged at different levels, usually at the transition from the living room to another. You do not necessarily need a large area required a sufficient ceiling height.