The most comfortable style for interior that fills any home with warmth

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The most comfortable style of the decor, which will fill all home warm

Is there a universal style that can change the interior and create a nice atmosphere in space? Perhaps as surely attributable to rustic, or as it is now the courage to say, rustic style. He reminds me of the summer holidays with my grandmother, and warm in the cold season. How to use it in the interior?

The rustic décor is dominated by different shades of brown
Characteristic of the style – roof beams, walls without wallpaper (with a rough plaster or clean cloth), facing surfaces of stone and wood, solid wood furniture, on the floor – boards (parquet rough texture) or tiles.

Cozy rustic decor
Rustic style is characterized by sinoriginality, and is attractive to its naturalism. For interior decoration in this area is mainly used natural textured material – wood, stone, cotton, clay. The dominant colors in the colors range from light beige to dark brown, often dominated by different varieties of red, yellow and zemlyanistogo.

The advice. If you can not buy natural materials, it is possible to replace them with high quality artificial analogues. Today, the construction market offers a lot of options that look great in a rustic style. Therefore, a limited budget is not an obstacle to designing the interior in a rustic style.

bedroom rustic

Elegant rustic décor

A bathroom in a rustic style
For example, one of the most important requirements – beautiful textiles of cotton or linen, with simple yet attractive motifs (flowers, squares, bands). All objects must point to comfort and harmony in the interior. There may be small paintings on the walls showing the nature, floral towel, dry garlic, adorn the walls of the kitchen.

His requirements are for lighting. The rustic style of suitable ceramic lamps, wrought metal, old oil lamps and ordinary candles.

Living in a rural style
It is important to go in the same style, not only internal but also external. We have examined the 25 most amazing wooden deck in a rustic style, beauty like the spirit.