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Designers in different parts of the world create amazing glowing objects.

Lamps have long ceased to be objects, which only perform a function – to fill the room with light. Today they are used as separate elements of interior design, which can change the interior in addition to recognition. Designers in different parts of the world create amazing brilliant objects. Today, our collection is devoted to the most original models that can immerse themselves in the depths of the ocean, lift to heaven and send to the mysterious world of nature.


lighting jellyfish

How to transform your home environment into the underwater world? Especially for fans of marine theme designer Roxy Tauri Russell developed the original lights in the form of a manet. They are made of white, very thin plastic, and fit perfectly in the home environment.


lighting balloons

Who like children do not like balloons? In memory of this strange time, the designer of the Czech company Memory Unusual Collection was created BROKIS (Memory). Lighting is very similar to balloons and provide a sense of joy and comfort. As a switch in these devices, the tip works.

A cup of cappuccino

A cup of cappuccino on the roof

Coffee lovers will appreciate the creation of the Italian factory Vesoi lighting. They have released a series of amazing fixtures, called "A cup of cappuccino on the roof."

bird feathers

Art Nouveau ceiling lamp

Italian manufacturer Lussole proposed an original design lamp in modern style that looks like feathers.

fluffy clouds


The elements of nature in the interior make the atmosphere harmonious, like lamps, like the fluffy clouds. Here are some unusual options in the style of pieces of heaven from different designers.

The idea of ​​designers duo Erwin Zwier and Margie

The idea of ​​designer duo Erwin Zwier and MargieTeeuwen. The lamp is made of biodegradable plastic paper. It's easy to give any shape: You can stretch, knead and create a new design every time.

Clouds and sun

Designer Wout Wessemius

Lamps in the form of fluffy clouds Dutch designer Wout Wessemius will find his rightful place in the interior. They are made of polyester fibers, which can accumulate in lumps, generally pulling, changing the shape of the mood. The density of the cloud can be different, so that the lights can transmit light bright places, and sometimes boring, creates an illusion of a closed cloud sun.

Branches: the game between light and shadow

nature's forms

How to transform any room into a saga forest moody atmosphere known designers Deck Hilden (Thyra Hilden) and Pio Diaz (Pio Diaz). The creative duo has developed a sculptural light unit "forms of nature", resembling a bundle of tangled roots. The designers were inspired by drawings by the German biologist and natural scientist Ernst Haeckel. Light a lamp modifying space Hon dimensional shadows cast on a wall. Brightness can be improved to decrease or vice versa, determine a particular character of the interior.

Light changes space inside



The lamp in the form of salmon caught decorate the inside of an avid fisherman. Lamp light is not entirely, but partly. Darkness is fins, tail and gills.

Lace Maker (Coffee)


Do not waste old tea or coffee, it can still be useful. So say Parisian designs that create unusual lights manually.
Eichenbaum Gilles (Gilles Eichenbaum) makes good cut in old kettle without laser cutting. This bizarre trip lights, molded beautiful shadows.

Fancy lighting throws beautiful shadows in space


Bronze lamp from design studio Studio Job

Bronze lamp from design studioStudio Job is a true miniature version of the crane. The mini cabin is equipped with lighting and fire-light is on cable. Find the program, it can be in the nursery or in the living room, made in industrial style.

of sand

Designer Talin Hazber sand used for lampshades lighting

Sand dunes have become a source of inspiration for creating Tranquility nodes collection of lamps. Designer Talin Hazber (Talin Hazbar) used sand to create lampshade lighting. She became very creative and elegant interior, which will adorn any space.

different feelings

Incredible, children's lamp can be GloBoyändra's state during the day. So in the morning he has a sleepy expression "human", and yawning in general. During the day he smiles and sleeps in the evening. Powered miracle device on solar batteries.

GloBoy lamp can yawn and smile

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