the original design gazebo an unusual form workshop

Design Ideas, Unique Gazebo Design Made From Solid
Design Ideas, Unique Gazebo Design Made From Solid Wooden Materials Decorating Awesome Backyard Design Then Add With Beautiful Vines: Various Gazebo Designs

Unusual gazebo was shown at their summer house iMoskva thanks to the bold fantasy designers studio za living. Structurally, it looks like a flat spiral, half buried in the ground, and resembles for a while and combs of waves, and bright lines of boats, and even the sails filled with the wind.

Spirals twisted around two separate zones: Chargrill, for cooking over open fire, and dining room for nice gatherings in a nice company.

The entire structure is made up of 14 fragments of the plan form – they form a spiral and "wave". No part repeats the other, they are all unique. Neutral shades and natural warm tones in the original gazebo help to fit into the environment without interfering with harmony, and at the same time most advantageous to showcase its unusual architecture.

The reason is a gazebo leveling compound, put on the fixture. Part of the reinforcement is shown outside and is mounted to the frame structure.

A large table of real ashes can be separated to increase its area. And tables and chairs are bought at IKEA.

The lighting in both areas also varies: in the part where the BBQ, the roof design in a line built around ceiling lamps, also provides light and let boil comfortably, even in the dark.

In the restaurant part of the original gazebo for table tennis two forms of the original suspension – cut at an angle of a hemisphere. They are made of metal, painted neutral white top, and the inside – brilliant orange. Joyful light color puts optimistic good mood and adapts to the positive mood.

Grill is combined into a unit with a sink and a storage space for wood. The work surface is lined with matte tiles. Cleaning – made of artificial stone. The base, which is a fixed countertop, ended with decorative bricks and painted in a dark color – creating dynamic contrast shades. To protect the wooden walls of the unusual gazebo from getting fat reinforced special steel screen.

The unique architecture with an external side illuminated directed light, in addition to the spotlight. He reveals the complex lines and shapes, and gives you the opportunity to fully express the originality of the building.

The dynamics of the wave are shown here in its entirety -like structure moves along a green lawn like a snowy ship on the blue sea. It enhances the feeling of dynamics that arise when looking at the original gazebo, and floor: wave like gray tile cuts, moving into the kitchen to the deck on board.