the union designer and clients stunning home interior traditional style

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Union designer and client: stunning inside of the house in traditional style
Designer helped the couple, who lives in Pasadena (Southern California) to abandon the old traditional views of the interior. Customers agree with all the ideas, including the installation of a bathroom, a chair, the bottom of a cloth expected from London for three days, walking with designer stores and even a mannequin in the shower. As a result, the house is like most designs that she promised to get it, if the couple wants to sell.

Summary: In the house they live: a married couple and a dogPlats: Pasadena, CaliforniaDesigner: Charmin Neythart Area: 149 m2; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Customers Charmin Neythart Traditional perception of style and talent is a beautiful antique interior. Nevertheless, the designer wanted to bring something new and different, lay the shell. All colors are kept, and tailor-made candle chandeliers in the form of a pagoda reflect on the fact that the house allows you to see a lot of eclectic elements. One of the spouses is much like the color of persimon, so the designer has decided that the hot tones will be present in the interior. Beautiful sliding doors and rails made of walnut for ordering, with rails with wrought patterns indicate a high level stylist, and that more will find a lot of interesting things. Upon request from customers, all door fittings in the house are made of tin. On the ground floor the floor is covered with limestone was taken from Turkey.

The corridor should be tight

Interior dining and living room

At the front door, on order, Used glass bottle. Just beyond sliding doors there are chairs with an interesting story. Customers want the dining room around the dining table to be chairs, so the designer started looking for suitable, but found nothing. In 2011, after a hurricane sweep over Pasadena, a few trees fell close. There were people who helped bring them to the store, and eventually customers were invited to look at the chairs made of a fallen oak. They were excellent, Master obtyanuli their beautiful cloth, the color suitable for the interior.

The dining room and living room are combined in a room. The chair in the living room is a family bed, it went to the couple inherited from the mother. Designer only changed the clothing of fabric with Asian motifs, which she ordered from London. The mirror over the stove is delivered from a British castle. It consisted of 15 disparate elements, but Hollis could restore it. Inside the fireplace is painted black, and the top is decorated with limestone. Neythart also added a shield, on order.

Customers do not stop wondering designs. For example, she impressed with the fact that in the living room on the wall, she saw two great paintings by the artist Johnny Apodaca. Therefore when planning the construction Neythart decided as a reason for choosing color paintings. To know the customers' love of detail, from a trip to Venice Neythart took cloth decoration pillows. On the floor in the living room you can see subdued natural colors Persian carpet. Touch it looks like a watercolor painting. The designer also tries not to use Persian carpeting in the interior, but the customers are so clever people as carpets are in excellent condition.

Recreation area on the farm

Glazed double doors lead to the lush garden with a beautiful fountain. This is a great place for seclusion and relaxation.

Next to the kitchen, to prepare and serve a placeThe food was free passage between the kitchen and the living room, so Neythart is offered here to put a kitchenette with a dining table. Today it is a favorite place of the spouses in the whole house. The table on a leg and covered with skin the color of Persimmons comfortable its – are still certain parts of eclecticism. On the walls hanging original paintings of the 19th century, on the wall in a frame is preserved in a ruined house fragment of wallpaper. Neythart once found them, restored and waited for a chance to use them.


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If we look at the kitchen, then there may be some antiques. Designer customers went shopping, especially not present in advance that they need. As a result, if they saw the case they thought they bought it. This is what happened to the old butcher carving table. The table was a series of restoration work, including polishing the workspace and adding a storage box for vegetables. It contrasts with the elegant modern kitchen shutters and marble worktops. The designer tries not to use the noble but soft enough Carrara marble in the kitchen, but it was he who came to design, despite its technical shortcomings.


Bathroom with a large sink

The apron in the kitchen is made of plates with fishbowl patterns, panels are fragmented in gray. He successfully provides a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room.


When the toilet room, the customers simply I fell in love with the wallpaper, but they were not sure of their choice. This traditional pattern showing clowns was suitable for internal coloring. Separating the toilet room can be as you wish. Closed door hides everything from curious eyes, even when the style of the room does not fit the style of the house.

An independent bath and shower

Wall decoration – wallpaper and tiles

Gentle colors of marble and glass filled with air and light. fitted and independent bath and shower in the bathroom. The room used VVS similar to Queen Victoria era. For the walls Neythart used a 24×30 tile size, tile casting and tile less.

Room, study and living room

The second bedroom has been furnished as an office and living room. On the floor you can see a Persian carpet, and through the glass doors, you can enjoy the view while working at a desk. Sofa can offer guests who have stayed at night. On the table in Chinese style the countertop of stone – another part of eclecticism. Neythart on one of the walls has organized a mini gallery. High cabinets 19th century homes are used as additional storage space for essentials.

guest toilet