three storey cottage with flat roof

MODEL JONNA - 3 Storey w/ Roof Deck
MODEL JONNA 3 Storey w/ Roof Deck 180 sq.m. Floor Area (4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Ideal for 9m x 12m u003d 108 sq.m. Lot. Click Image to view Model

Fantastic house was designed by architect Peter Kosteiovym. Just look at the pictures and admire the imagination and innovative methods of the author. Wooden house with a flat roof, located in the Tver region, the area of ​​†<†<hundred thirty-three square meters.

The first impression that the architect has a lot of wooden boxes from the delivery of goods, and it only made them for each other, but eventually showed up three-storey cottage. Of course, this is the first impression, called the house architect a lot of skill and ability.

The action that the house is built with wooden slab roof, with purchases, already equipped with a block foundation, served as the starting point for the future building geometry. The project's goal was to place a family, for comfortable accommodation and work at home, taking into account the possible arrival of guests.

As a result, three-storey cottage includes: kitchen, dining room, large living room, guest room, four WC with shower, two wardrobes, laundry room, sauna and a summer terrace.

The choice of a three story cottage is not a coincidence, on the perimeter of the plot is relatively small, so that all necessary facilities could not be placed on two floors, an extra "bonus" was a beautiful view of Volga, which opens from the windows on the third floor .

The unusual facade was made using different techniques for joining wooden planks. By type of the facade is similar to a set of "patches". We used different techniques to create them:

As confirmed by the author, the prototype of the "box" facade, steel cottages built since the Soviet era. Under the government deficit, citizens have tried to build their homes from any available material, including boards, panels and feed. Type of structure resembled a set of "patches" and "patches".

The façade was partially painted in brown, but due to mounting rails at a different angle, this technique was used on terraces and was very unusual effect "clear wood".

A house with a flat roof looks out from the outside is not too rustic, but inside you greeted warm wood. Inside color, as well as the outside. All furniture is very functional and is made with simple lines.

Of course, wooden furniture in the house, some things knocked together by boards. For example, the dining table is made of the usual wooden planks.