types of interior doors materials and methods opening

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Species interior set of doors. There are two main methods of classification. The reason for a put involves opening the door, the other – the materials from which they are made.

Swing. It can be simple or double. The opening of the door to the right called "right" to the left – "left", it is important to know when buying a door fitting. Double hinge design suitable for large rooms.

Swing. Of all the ways to open doors that require the most space, because the fabric must be completely open in both directions. Disadvantage – poor soundproofing and protection against penetrating fragrances, so these doors never put in the kitchen.

Razvizhnye. Such doors can be found in a passenger compartment – they either switch to special niches in the wall or push away the rails from the opening to the hollow part of the wall. These types of interior doors are popular in if the planning does not allow the use of swing doors. They also do not have enough sound insulation.

Fold. Doors, folding in the same way as "bundling", if necessary, if the room is quite small, and the place has to save. Of all the ways to open doors using a large number of different connectors, which encountered over time, as a result they are long.

Wood. Wood is probably the most popular material for interior doors. Beautiful appearance, durability, wide price range (depending on the type of wood used in production) makes them extremely popular. The leader here – tall, beautiful and cheap wood.

Cassette. In this type of interior doors in the frame inserted planar elements – panels that enter the grooves, thereby eliminating the use of glue.

Shield. Furniture slabs, consisting of the frame, close the particleboard panel – popular material for interior doors. He is strong enough, durable and cheap.

Veneered. Of all types of interior doors that have the best relationship between price appearance, which is made of cheap chipboard, wood veneer is glued over the top, that is, thin wood slabs.

Ice cream. The use of glass as a material for interior doors helps visually enlarge the space. It is easy to apply the pattern to make it colored, frosted or toned in different shades. This door can provide a special "taste" of the room installed.