villa with sea views koh samui 2

2 Bed Seaview Villa A2, Koh Samui, 2 Bedrooms Villa with Sea View,

A house with a flat roof so organically fits into the rugged landscape of the small Scottish island, it seems as if he grew up directly from the gray rocks that lay over the ocean.

Entering large panorama windows is realistic, it is for her and the construction of this house has begun. Future owners were carried out in this area for a long time, several years come here to enjoy the landscape, despite the weather, very whimsical in these latitudes.

Living in nature, regardless of the time – it is what allows this one-story house. Initially, it seemed too strict, so designers have the task of trimming the color that satisfies the tastes of the customer and emphasized their unity with nature.

The action that the house is built with a flat roof, is located in a small Scottish city, on the beach. Its windows look on three sides, destroying its inhabitants magnificent views of nearby islands and the part of the coast nearby island of Eigg (Eigg).

All proportions and shape of the house with a flat roof are very traditional, narrow, as if "earthy". Walls and ceilings are decorated with leatherwood, resistant to weather conditions.

Storey houses away from the city's most important buildings in appearance does not look like a normal house, but fits perfectly into the surrounding nature.

Kitchen designers are located next to the terrace, and now you can have breakfast, sunbathe at dawn sun. Terrace floor house goes to the dining room, the most enlightened by the sun during the daytime, and a bedroom catches in their windows soft rays of the sunset.

The house consists of two volumes, and the living room is just above the rest of the premises.

From the kitchen-dining room is fully visible Gorgeous island.