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Choosing a light or dark bathroom colour scheme for a small space

Fat solutions for small bathrooms

Often for the bathroom in the apartment in its entirety spaced space. What color does the room make so she looked nice and does not seem even less? We found the most daring and unusual color solutions for small bathrooms.

Matt black walls complement the blue floor with geometric patterns

Black interior requires good lighting

Glossy surfaces will help to make the interior visually longer

Black deeper space

Dark bathroom looks unusual
Many pass improperly black color, especially when it comes to small spaces. And in fact, making a small bathroom is incredibly nice, and even giving the extra volume. Of course, without additional assistants in the interior not. Must there be a good coverage. The second case that will help to increase the space – gloss mirror. The third thing you should pay attention to – and the small mosaic plates.

Black and white lines hide the true size of the room
If black seems too radical then you can play with the black and white combinations. For example, the use of alternating between a line of broken lines and one of another color. This will create an illusion of increased space and make it unusual. And if the room low ceilings, it will save the wallpaper with vertical lines. Away from everyday life in this case, it is possible to use patterns in the form of tree trunks.

Rich and fresh decor is a small bathroom look, if you decorate the walls of floral printing. Contrary to what the whole is visually reducing the space, bright colors on a dark background will play a good match in a small room. But if you divide the wall using colors (white bottom, black top), it will give the interior a solemn sound.

The traditional bathroom white color looks out of space room a win-win. You can play with variations of colors that are not boring – ivory, eggshell and others. It is also interesting to make a space to help shape and size of plates. Now fashionable different geometric shapes, especially hexagons (honeycomb). They also work with the expansion of visual space.

The bright and pastel colors of blue refreshing space. In a small bathroom, the sky looks blue and turquoise. But aquamarine and deep blue need to be combined with less active colors, such as white or sand. It is best to use them in a tray or wallpaper. These colors always make the decor, make it cozy and refreshing.

Blue tile in the inner bathroom

The combination of white and blue in the interior bathroom

Sky blue in the inner bathroom

A deep blue color is better to use in harmony with white

The turquoise color in the interior of a small bathroom

Small blue bathroom

Fancy the wallpaper in a small bathroom

Aquamarine shades in the interior of a small bathroom

Paint the walls of the bathroom with red dye not all. This color and its shades are considered active and are often used for fracture. If we chose the red color, the deep wine colors will look the most beneficial in a small space. Especially since this is in the fashion show Marsala. Fans of bright colors are sure to enjoy the coral wall. But such an interior will be diluted with a neutral white balance, and space at the expense of interesting pictures on the walls, textiles or accessories.

Unusual, and boldly looking into the interior of a smallWC pink. If you send it, along with a silver shade on the wallpaper, to black accents complete and complement refined shapes, the space is filled with delicious and delicate atmosphere.

pink bathroom
Makes a really luxurious environment of green nuances. Especially if they act in an ensemble with interesting views coatings – marble floors (or imitation), wood, mirror mosaic, crystal lamps.

Luxury gray bathroom
Cream and brown shades to create a comfortable working environment chamber, set up to rest and relax. They are good, both in classical and modern decor.

Color creme brulee in the inner bathroom

brown bathroom
If you want to get away from excessive solemnity, make the interior informal, in this case will help the wallpaper with happy motives. For example, the graphic images of whales or flower prints in hippie style quality.

You do not need to stay at any one particular color. For those who love constant change, and can not look the same color on the walls for months, there are other interesting solutions. For example, use color fragmentarily – in the form of a mosaic on a wall, or combine some favorite colors. The second option: to leave the walls white and accessories (carpet, curtain, towels, soap) to choose a color. This will change the situation, depending on my mood and season.

Fancy wallpaper with whales in the bathroom

Background in the style of hippies

Colored mood in the bathroom can be created with accessories

Vertical stripes work on expansion of space

Geometric patterns in the bathroom
Some are treated with humor to create a comfortable environment in a small dressing room. An example of this is the 15 most ridiculous and fun designs for the interior of a bathroom.