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A wish you had about what happens in my company, which I am not writing about. We start with the studio at Spinneriet. There is a lot going on that does not fit in the blog format because it does not always concern interior design. This spring, I mentioned the plans to turn it into a photo and movie studio, which can also be hired by other photographers, stylists and advertising agencies. What has happened since then? A lot. Here is a bunch of the campaigns that have been plastered there, which I have never written about. Hold on to you.

The photographer Mikael Jansson received Bindefelt's scholarship 2018 to document stories of the victims of the Holocaust. For a period last spring he hired himself and photographed people whose history we should never forget. The result will be an exhibition!

Rum21 – couch campaign

Nordic kitchen – launch of new kitchen in ash

Borås Cotton – catalog images

Eucerin – commercials

Stayhard – commercials

Mannerströms pantry – launch campaign

Ballingslöv – bathroom catalogue

Swedstyle – Product Catalog

Les Levres – Autumn Campaign 2018